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An exceptional media design studio offering video production, web and photography services.

Hi there, we are a group of video and photography enthusiasts, bloggers and photographers who have come together in collaboration to form Little Big Red Dot Pte Ltd.

Let me introduce myself personally. I am Wilbur Suen and I run the blog AroiMakMak.com. I create travel videos and blog articles mainly about Thailand as well as other travel destinations around the world. I have worked with many businesses in promoting their services and I work closely with the Thailand Tourism Board in promoting Thailand as a travel destination.

Our team has worked on numerous photography and videography projects for property developers, property agents, government agencies, food and beverage establishments and just about any business owner who wants to generate creatives for promotional purposes.

As the media landscape evolves, marketing a product or a service will require a large scope of creatives that will encompass video, photography as well as web creatives. Our company has the talent and experience in helping our clients create engaging creatives that will yield results.

Yours sincerely,

Video Production…

Engaging, Captivating, Mind Blowing…

Videos work. They work way more than most people would think they do. In fact, YouTube viewership is on the rise and Facebook and Instagram are starting to prioritise videos ahead of traditional posts.

From pre-production to post-production, we will aid in the development of the script, the content, the viewing angles and we will put it all together into one stunning video to showcase your product or service.

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Web Design…

Simple, Effective, Search Engine Optimised…

Every business should have an effective website. A website is a gateway for clients to learn more about your business. Our websites are created using WordPress and are Search Engine Optimised. We will train you to maintain your own website and guide you on how you should create content to keep yourself at the top of the Google search results. Google loves content and so long as you have a clean and optimised website that generates useful and effective content, your website will be found on Google’s algorithms.

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Capture Stunning Photos…

A picture speaks a thousand words and photographs are an insight into your products and services. Whether you are running a restaurant that needs to showcase your food on a menu or a property agent looking to take stunning photos of a multi-million dollar property, we have got the right tools to make your products look absolutely stunning. Taken photographs will also go through post editing to enhance colour and contrast for better effect.

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Virtual Tour…

Bringing your subject matter to the client…

Want to take your media marketing to the next level? Explore the use of virtual tours to bring location based products to your clients. Especially suited for property agents and developers, virtual tours help show a property to a prospective client without the need for the client to be at the property. In today’s modern digital age where speed is essential, this could be the very technology that gives you that unique edge!

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